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Below are a few of my own notes (so please forgive any errors!) and those shared by others (with their CRSID for contact). I find making my own notes useful for ensuring I understand the material, so I would recommend that these be used to help you get started, rather than as a replacement of your own notes. If nothing else. my notes are very much in my own shorthand, so you'll likely want to flesh them out as you go.

The most useful resources will likely be the Anki flashcards and image resources, as these were a pain to make but a great revision tool at the end. There's always a risk of resource overload so take a moment to decide what's useful and what you'd rather skip over.

I've also started using Evernote. It's a lot simpler than my old Word document approach and would highly recommend it. I've included a few textbook recommendations but note that, in 1A and 1B, I didn't really read much beyond the notes.

If you want to share these notes with others, please send them a link to this page ( rather than forwarding the notes - so that they won't miss out on new stuff and just in case I need to drastically change anything!

Want me to link to some of your notes? Send me a link (e.g., a shared Evernote Notebook or Dropbox file) and I'll add it here if I can.

Now showing my private resources. Note that if anyone else reads this, these links are for my use alone and they are not to be shared.

NB: Dr Reidinger&s site has all her awesome notes.

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Biology of Disease (Pathology)

Human Reproduction (and Endocrinology... and Ethics... and Public Health... and Sheep...)

Mechanisms of Drug Action (Pharmacology)

Rang & Dale's Pharmacology - the course text, decent diagrams but I mostly just used the handouts;
Rang & Dale's Pharmacology Flashcards - nice diagrams, detailed, goes well alongside Anki cards - I'll sell mine for £15 if you want them on the cheap.

Neurobiology of Human Behaviour (Neuroscience)

Neuroanatomy: an Illustrated Colour Text - nice simple images of tracts, brainstem slices etc;
Kandel's Principles of Neural Science - helped me to grasp visual pathways, etc, but very expensive, so make sure your library has enough copies.

Dartmouth Brain Images - found this the night before my exam, lots of great brain slices and radiographs;
University of British Columbia Online Neuroanatomy - online textbook, half decent.

Stage 1 / Level 1


Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine - standard piece of kit, some people call it the "Cheese and Onion", which just sounds silly;
Clinical Clerking: A Short Introduction to Clinical Skills - old and short but by the mighty Siklos himself - should be in your library.

Clinical Examination Handbook - Cambridge's own, starring Dr JW and the crew - must log in to Medportal first;
Practical Skills Handbook - has some of the Stage 1 skills plus videos, again log in to Medportal first;
The Journal of Clinical Examination - evidence-based reviews of clinical examinations;
Vanilla Medicine - Dr JW's blog.

Stage 2

  • My Path Notes - definitely holes (such as no micro, genetics, etc as I did these on paper).